About Us

American Upright MRI (AUMRI) is equipped with the First Fonar Upright® Multi-Positional MRI in the Middle East.

The company is proud to make Dubai -UAE as its first home and flagship of this cutting edge American technology. The unique physical configuration of the Upright MRI makes it the world's most patient-friendly MRI and also the only MRI that can scan patients in any position, allowing it to detect problems that would be underestimated or completely missed by any other type of MRI.

A weight bearing diagnostic MRI system fills the void for the need of a system that can accommodate claustrophobic patients, diabetic obese and children to provide a comfort and enhanced diagnostic image. The Only True Open MRI The Upright MRI, also known as the Stand-Up MRI, enables the patient to place himself in the position that generates the pain so that images can be acquired in that very position. Correctly identifying the pain-generating pathology can mark improve patient surgical outcomes.

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