State of the art technology and very pleasant experience especially for claustrophobic and pregnant person like I am. The entire experience was comfortable as I was sitting down for the examination and watching TV. Ladies who work there were very kind, helpful and most of all patient all the time. I am so happy that such place exist in Dubai and yes definitely would recommend it!

Jelena Pepic
Google Review

Excellent service. Very polite and patient staff. I was very comfortable sitting in the machine. I got to watch tv while sitting and I got to have my husband along with me in the same room as well. I was a bit nervous at the beginning but time passed very quickly. The images of the MRI were very good. I definitely recommend it for claustrophobics and any patients that don’t do well in the closed MRI machines.

Eleni Naguib
Google Review

Great machine & wonderful team. U just sit there and watch tv and the machine will be around you, not closed, no panic, sitting not lying , and not going inside narrow tube. And the staff are really friendly ❤️ I highly recommend this for everyone who needs brain MRI.

Rania Deeb
Facebook Review